Sexuality Consultations



What is a One-on-One Sexuality Consultation?

A one on one sexuality consultation is a way to personally and privately work through sexual issues, concerns, and/or difficulties.

Many times people want a safe space to ask intimate questions, address concerns they are having, and find ways of enhancing their sexual selves. However, not everyone has the ability or means to take a class held at a college or sex toy shop, and if they do, they might not necessarily want to divulge their personal history in front of a group of 20 to 500 people. Regardless of access, the size and time constraints of these presentations do not allow the speaker to tailor the session to each individual.

The structure of one on one sexuality consultation, however, is perfect for a personalized approach to these needs. Sex consultations are a client-centered process, meaning that the client drives the agenda and determines the steps and pace. The role of the educator is to provide accurate information, suggestions, advice, and homework; they employ their set of skills in ways to best address the needs of the client.

Sometimes sex education consultations only involves one conversation, in which the client verbalizes their concerns and allows the educator to provide resources and clarify misconceptions. Other times, sex education consultation is recommended for a series of sessions in order to bring the client to their desired destination. Sexuality consultations with Ms. Andelloux are extremely individualized, with most individuals meeting twice a month for an average of 2-6 months.

Sexual Education Consultations are a mix of these elements:

  • Personalized sexuality information and education
  • Mental reframing and redirection of cognitive processes
  • Guidance
  • Behavioral training
  • Resources and referrals

If you think you have something you would like to address, you can contact The CSPH and speak to Alicia Gauvin to determine whether sex education consultations might be right for you. In some cases she will refer you to an outside source to ensure you receive the best care for your needs.

Please note: One on one sexuality education consultations do not involve any nudity or client/educator touching. There are no sexual exchanges that take place at The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health.


What can you expect from your sex education consultation experience?

Megan Andelloux, Founder & Director

All sex educational consultation sessions take place with Ms. Andelloux. After making initial contact with The CSPH Operations Manager, Alicia Gauvin, to ensure that Megan is able to match up to your needs, you will have your first session with her in person.  Please note that first time appointments are conducted in person, Skype consultations may be offered after the initial visit. You will be able to disclose in fuller detail what issues you are facing, what growth you are looking for, and/or what challenges you would like to overcome. You are welcome and encouraged to bring your partner(s), spouse(s) or lover(s) to the session, although it is not mandatory. Please keep in mind, however, that sessions where both partners are present require longer sessions and should be noted at the time of booking.

Additionally, because being comfortable during the session is very important, please know that you will not be judged by the language you use. There is no need to spend unnecessary time trying to come up with the “right” word; you are welcome to use the language with which you are comfortable.  If Ms. Andelloux is unclear about a word or phrase, she will check in with you.

During the session, Ms. Andelloux will will provide personalized sexuality information and education, explain the body and sexual functioning, provide behavioral training, and offer resources and mental reframing. The last 10 minutes of the session will involve clarification of concerns and directive homework for you to engage in before the next meeting.

In order to ensure that following visits run smoothly, homework is intended to be completed before the next appointment. While it might be challenging, it will also be fun! Of course, if you run into a problem, you are welcome to contact Ms. Andelloux so it can be properly addressed.

An individual consultation is a way to work through sexual issues, concerns, and/or difficulties in a personal, private manner.

How do sessions work?

Most sessions are conducted in person.  Some are conducted over video-call through SKYPE, only after an in-person initial consult, which allows Ms. Andelloux to read your facial expressions as she would during in-person interactions.

The first session for an individual runs for an hour and a half and the first session for couples runs for 2 hours. This is to ensure that Ms. Andelloux is brought up to speed with the specific issues/concerns you are facing. Each additional session is an hour long. Sessions may be scheduled for once a week, or more/less frequently depending on your schedule, Ms. Andelloux’s availability, and your need for sex ed consultation.

What are the client’s responsibilities?

  1. Be on time
  2. Provide a comprehensive history of your sexual relationships
  3. Share your truths
  4. Fully engage in the process
  5. Pay the agreed upon amount at time of visit
  6. Turn your cell phone off in order to prevent distractions
  7. Complete assigned homework before follow-up session (if recommended)

What are the fees?

One on one sexuality education sessions involve a fee of $120.00 individuals and $150 for couples for the initial visit, which last 90 minutes and 120 minutes, respectively. After this visit, sessions last about 60 minutes and are priced at $100.00. Payment is expected at the conclusion of each session by cash, check (preferred), credit card (in person only) or through PayPal (if set up in advance). For telephone sessions, payment is required via credit card or PayPal.

Insurance does not cover one on one sexuality education consultation sessions.

What about missing or changing appointments?

There is a 24-hour advance cancellation policy. If you fail to cancel or reschedule within that time frame, a 50% charge will be asked of you for the missed appointment. Of course, in the case of extraordinary circumstances, there is no charge for the missed appointment.