Programs and Services

The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health provides adults with a safe, physical space to learn about sexual pleasure, health, and advocacy issues as well as offering resources that otherwise may be difficult to find.

Within the CSPH itself, we host:

  • A large collection of books, zines, journals, and pamphlets that are available for the public to stop in an read
  • Documentaries open for the public to view by appointment
  • One on One Sexuality Consultations
  • Free Condoms and Lubricants
  • A large collection of sex toys and aids (not for purchase), as well as personalized guidance so you can make the best selection for your satisfaction.
  • Drop-in hours
  • Sex educational curriculum and learning tools
  • Genital teaching models
  • An Antique Vibrator collection

Within this section of our website, you can find: