Safer Sex

The following safer sex materials are available for viewing at The CSPH.


Condoms decrease STI transmission rates dramatically.  Various condoms brands and styles; flavored, colored, textured, are all available at The CSPH.  We do not carry spermicidal lubricated condoms as these have been found to slightly increase STI transmission rate.  While effective for pregnancy prevention, spermicidal condoms are not included in the safer sex kit for this reason.

Dental Dam/Plastic Wrap

Dental dams and plastic wrap are effective barrier methods if a person is engaging in oral/vaginal contact or oral/anal contact.  While only one brand, GLYDE Dental Dams, have been approved by the FDA to reduce transmission of HIV and STI’s, it is believed that all dental dams reduce transmissions of STI’s.


Lubrication has been found to reduce pelvic pain issues, treat menopausal symptoms, increase condom effectiveness (if water or silicone based), and make sexual encounters more pleasurable.

Female Condom

Fc2 is the newest Female Condom on the market.  Female condoms can be used as protection against pregnancy and STI transmission.  They can be used for vaginal and anal penetration.

Black Dragon Gloves

Recommending individuals to use gloves as part of their safer sex routine can be challenging, (“it looks weird, what is my partner going to think?”) but that’s how Black Dragon Gloves come to the rescue! Sexy, black (so your student/client can hide any bodily fluids they don’t want to see), textured to give a super smooth feel and they come in latex and latex-free!  Encouraging this safer sex use behavior has just become a whole lot easier.

Black Dragon Gloves, Female Condoms, & a Dental Dam