Sexuality Shops



Babeland (formally know as Toys in Babeland) has created more professional sexuality educators than another other feminist run shop we know of. Their staff training is amazing, they bring some of the newest toys to the market first and shop atmosphere is swanky and cool. You can stop by and experience their shopping environment in New York City and Seattle or you can visit them online.


Come As You Are

Located in Toronto, Canada, Come As You Are (CAYA) is the only co-op sex shop in the world! CAYA infuses all of their sex toys with a healthy dose of social consciousness through community organizing and liberal generosity. Its founders present themselves as self-described anti-experts, in spite of their extensive knowledge, while striving to care about all of their clients. CAYA was one of the first shops that put a heavy focus on addressing sexuality and disability issues, running sex and gender art shows, and, of course, providing educational workshops for the public to pounce on. The fact that they identify as creators of “nerdy fun” makes the deal just a little bit sweeter.


Early 2 Bed

Early to Bed Sex shopEarly 2 Bed is located in Chicago, IL, and they have designed the shop to be welcoming to people of all genders, orientations, and experience levels. There are testers of their carefully-selected toy collection out for you to touch and explore. Both their shop and their online site are staffed by friendly people who can walk you through their collection but who will never use any aggressive sales tactics. They’ll work with you to find what is best for you, not just lead you to the most expensive toy in the shop.


Fascinations (


Whoa Momma! Located in Arizona, Oregon, and Colorado this shop covers much of the western line. Fascinations is your online guide to sensual shopping and celebrating sexuality. They’re passionate about your pleasure.


Feelmore 510

California is home to many progressive folks, and Feelmore 510 dove right into the deep end of sex positivity by creating Oakland’s first progressive sexuality shop. Their start-up story is super cute: “Two boxes, 1 Red and 1 Brown. The Red had the adult films, and the Brown had the novelty products.” Listening and responding to community desires is what Feelmore 510 prides itself on, and they bring sex-positive products and energy to an aesthetically pleasing, artistic space. Feelmore 510 offers not only high-quality toy brands and a wide variety of products, but also a large collection of vintage books, films, and erotic artwork. Their commitment to being part of “change-for-the-better” is reflected in their attempts to bring sex-positivity, safe spaces, and retail dollars to Oakland and its communities.

Good For Her

Another Canadian sexual powerhouse, Good For Her, located in Toronto, aims to provide high-quality products for a diverse population of women and marginalized communities. In order to create the most welcoming and non-shameful spaces possible, the store offers women- and trans-only hours on Sundays, and blocks time aside for private appointments and parties. Environmental responsibility is another plus as they aim to buy local and sustainable products and packaging. And if that wasn’t enough, Good For Her also houses its very own, super-famous, Feminist Porn Award Show, which is dedicated to celebrating woman-friendly erotica.


Good Vibrations Sex shopGood Vibrations

Located in San Francisco, California and Brookline, Massachusetts, Good Vibrations is the nation’s first and premier provider of sex education and sex-positive products. Good Vibrations is a San Francisco-based multi channel retailer that women and couples have trusted for over three decades to provide a comfortable, safe environment for finding sex-positive products and educational materials to enhance their sex life.


Kama Sutra Closet

Located in Ventura, California, Kama Sutra Closet was the brainchild of Roylin Downs. After a few uncomfortable shopping experiences in traditional sex toy shops, Downs opened Kama Sutra Closet in 2009 as a female-friendly space that also “educates and empowers.” Kama Sutra Closet is now recognized as a leader in high-end and high-quality sex toys and lingerie and has been nominated twice for “best boutique” at the AVN Awards. The store also offers parties and seminars where participants can explore topics like BDSM and pegging in safe environments.


Mr-S Leather

Mr-S Leather is a shop dedicated to the fine art of leather scene goods. Located in San Francisco, the store specializes in leather products, bondage gear, and toys made for “men at play.” Along with their wide variety of toys, Mr-S Leather sponsors parties at various playspaces and has an active presence in leather communities and events.


Nomia Boutique

It gets cold in Maine, and the population of New England needs their frisky moments packed with goodies to keep nice and warm. Thankfully, Nomia is here to deliver. Nomia is Portland’s first women-owned and operated “sensuality boutique.” Opened in 2004, the store aims to provide informative and non-judgmental spaces where customers can ask a range of questions for their sexual needs. Their mission statement stresses the belief that people can achieve more open communication and generosity with more openness in their personal lives. Deeply invested in supporting their local community, Nomia has gone out of their way to partner with community organizations and hold events on sexuality and aging and trans sexual health care, in addition to their work with local sexual health care organizations. They carry beautiful items in a quirky and warm environment located directly upstairs from one of the hottest parts of downtown Portland.


Oh My, a sensuality shopOh My Sensuality Shop

Oh My is a Sensuality Shop owned and run by a mother/daughter team in Western Massachusetts. They strive to create an erotic, sensual, fun and comfortable space where everyone can explore and develop their sensual, sexual selves. They offer educational books and DVDs on all aspects of sexual desires and behaviors to fuel your fantasies as well as the highest quality sex toys, lubes and safe sex items available today.

Passional Boutique

If you’re seeking sexy outfits, accessories, or costumes, look no further than Passional Boutique. Located in Philadelphia, Passional sells a wide range of leather items, corsets, bottoms, and more for folks of all genders. Their selection of jewels and accessories will surely take your ensemble to a new level! Along with their stores, Passional is very involved in sexuality-focused events in the Philadelphia area. Be sure to also check out their sister store, Sexploratorium, for sex toys and adult products.


Pure Pleasure

Pure Pleasure

A welcoming pleasure shop located in Santa Cruz, California that is locally owned by a mother/daughter team. The Pure Pleasure mission is to provide a comfortable place where people can shop for sex toys, as well as access resources to enhance sexual pleasure and well-being. They feature high-quality, non-toxic, phthalate-free adult toys, and also carry a line of vegan-friendly products.


The Rubber Rose sex shop

The Rubber Rose

San Diego? Sex Shop? You got it! The Rubber Rose is an adult boutique determined to radicalize the sex toy industry and people’s vision of the fluidity of human sexuality. Open since 2006, the Rubber Rose proudly boasts a selection of unique non-toxic toys and accessories. Their mission is to facilitate community growth in the worlds of art, activism, and adult sexuality. their gadgets come in a dazzling range of varieties and prices. Quiet, efficient, aerodynamic and unbelievably adorable, all of these modern weapons of mass pleasure are skin-safe and non-toxic, many are constructed of silicone, and all are phthalate-free—a must for the modern, eco-conscious individual. Truly an extension of the statement, “make love not war”, the Rubber Rose is inspired to help communities grow, heal, learn and celebrate together.


Self Serve

Self Serve

Merging the east and the south together, the lovely lassies that own Self Serve traveled across the country from Massachusetts to set up shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Whether you are are looking to buy a toy, safer sex supplies or attend a workshop or toy party, you can know that they embody extremely high standards for quality and comprehensive sex information. They provide floor models of every item they carry, so you know more about the intimate toys you’re about to enjoy. Self Serve provides a positive, educational and empowering shopping experience, and they do a fine job making the world a more sex-positive, empowered place.



The sister store of fashion-focused Passional, Sexploratorium is located just around the corner in Philadelphia. Opened in 2007, Sexploratorium sells high-quality toys and products in a well-lit, three-story space. Visitors are greeted on the first floor with a large variety of sexuality and health products for all bodies, while the second floor focuses on toys for fantasy and relationship enhancement. Like Passional, Sexploratorium’s connection to local creativity is apparent in its Aphrodite Gallery: on the third floor, it features erotica art exhibits and educational events both for the public and for private gatherings.


She Bop

Another score for Oregon! She Bop is a women-owned sex toy boutique specializing in non-toxic toys, books, DVDs and gifts for women/couples focused primarily on sexuality. They have a special vision for She Bop: creating an atmosphere that veers away from the traditional adult store experience. Their goal is to educate, while offering a fun, safe, and comfortable environment for women and their partners, where everyone is welcome. They are dedicated to supporting and promoting healthy and safe sexuality and strive to be as “green” as possible, fitting into one of Portland’s environmentally conscious ideals for business and standard of living. She Bop contributes to the community by hosting classes and workshops on sexuality, as well as by organizing fundraisers and events to benefit a variety of non-profit organizations, such as domestic violence shelters and organizations promoting safe sex.

Smitten Kitten sex shop

The Smitten Kitten

The Smitten Kitten is a multiple-award-winning, progressive adult sex toys and equipment retailer specializing in the highest quality, safest and smartest selection of products available. The Smitten Kitten’s incredibly diverse clients have learned to count on The Smitten Kitten to deliver hard-to-find, hand-crafted toys as well as the most cutting-edge information and resources. Located in the historic Latham Building in the trend-setting Uptown area of Minneapolis, a boutique-style shopping experience complete with complimentary coffee or tea and a personal guide to help you browse the world class selection of adult sex toys and equipment.


Sugar sex shop


Located in Baltimore, MD, Sugar is a place where people from all kinds of backgrounds, sexual orientations, and genders can celebrate their sexualities. Where people can learn about sex. Where sex is be honored as something both powerful and good. A place where other people who feel passionate about sexuality can work together. Where myth-busting and honesty are the norm.


Sustainable Passion

Sustainable Passion is a woman-centric, woman-owned sex positive business located in Ithaca, New York. True to its name, Sustainable Passion aims to sell sustainable and environmentally friendly products, carrying everything from phthalate-free sex toys to lingerie made from natural fibers. They also strive to partner only with environmentally-responsible companies. Open on Fridays through Sundays, the store offers in-store and at-home parties for customers and guests. Saving the environment, while being socially conscious and caring for our communities means Sustainable Passion gets a gold star.


Tool Shed ToysTool Shed Toys

Located in good old Milwaukee, WI, The Tool Shed is a space where people of all genders can explore their sexuality in a comfortable environment and be treated with respect by a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Their staff knows a lot about the toys and equipment they sell, and they frequently offer workshops and other events where our customers can learn about the products they offer. The Tool Shed strives to sell sex toys that are made of body-safe, quality materials. They also offer a variety of locally-made and handmade items that showcase the unique flavor of the Milwaukee area.


Trinity Romance

Trinity Romance, located in Squamish, British Columbia, boasts of being a “funky little woman friendly” sexuality shop, and really, who wouldn’t want to boast that piece of glamour. Their website shows off their cute and sassy style with elements of retro glamour infused within their pages and products. Gobble up their goodies with your shopping cart and know that when you open up your bag from Trinity Romance, it will be filled with fun, safe, phthalate-free products. Just the way sex toy shopping should be: safe, sexy, glamorous, and fun.



The woman-owned Tulip toy gallery has boutique locations throughout Chicago as well as an extensive online presence. Tulip operates with the motto, “We don’t sell anything we wouldn’t put into our bodies,” and uses education to help their customers make the most informed purchases. Tulip also functions as a gallery, exhibiting local artists’ original works. In addition to their unique spaces, Tulip offers “how to” workshops by some of the most well-known experts in the field that allows participants to both play and learn!


A Woman's Touch sex shop

A Woman’s Touch

With two stores located in Wisconsin, these ladies are busy. They know how to run a shop, provide quality sex education AND integrate sexual medicine into healthy playtime! It’s not often you can get medicine and pleasure to interact so nicely with one another. At A Woman’s Touch, you will find tasteful shopping, sex education & health information. Run by two women, a physician and a sex educator & counselor, A Woman’s Touch offers a unique perspective that has been described as a place you can trust with your genitals and credit card information.



A mainstay of Canadian independent retailers for the past two decades, WomynsWare is a bright, sex-positive haven in the middle of Vancouver. The store runs on the motto, “It shouldn’t be a challenge to find sex toys that are appealing, versatile, and reliable,” and aims to create a comfortable and informative shopping experience for customers. Along with selling safe toys in a soothing and warm atmosphere, WomynsWare supports local artists and collaborates with other community organizations. Their website is also a gold-mine of information, with everything from essays on their principles to “Womyn Aware,” an advice column full of helpful tidbits and toy recommendations.