The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health welcomes volunteers who want to work in a sex-positive environment and help their community. Volunteers may choose to arrive at any time of year to work with us. We have some “permanent” positions for those who want to help us in an ongoing and involved fashion, and we also have tasks to give drop-ins, or more infrequent and sporadic volunteers. There is also the possibility of telecommuting, so do not fret if you do not live in the RI/MA area; you can still contribute and be involved!

Volunteering is a great experience for anyone interested in helping further a vital community resource, connecting with an amazing, diverse community of sex- positive people from all walks of life, and/or learning about non-profit development, fundraising, library science, sexual education, and more!

We encourage individuals to bring new ideas to the table and to arrive with a strong interest in collaboration, but we have plenty of things to do if you do not know where to begin. If you are looking to become a volunteer, please fill out and submit the application form. We will contact you with further details once we receive your application. For more information, email aida@thecsph.org.


Volunteering Program Information


Technical Requirements:

  • Regular Internet access
  • A Gmail or GoogleApps account (or willingness to create one)
  • Experience with GoogleDocs (or willingness to be trained in how to use them)

Behavior/Performance Expectations:

  • Work individually and/or in a group (depending on your tasks)
  • Complete assigned tasks in a timely manner
  • Communicate effectively (verbally and in writing)
  • Be comfortable around sexual content, books, media, and other materials

Time Commitment:

  • Depends on your project(s) and if you are a permanent volunteer or not. This gets decided on a case-by-case basis after evaluating what time you can devote to The CSPH.
  • Telecommuting is possible unless otherwise noted for a specific position

Benefits of Volunteering:

There is no money offered for volunteering, but helping at The CSPH gives you access to a wonderful resource center and the vast network of its Founder and Director, Megan Andelloux–a certified and accredited sex educator and sexologist. This position also provides opportunities for continuing education as Ms. Andelloux regularly brings in trainers and speakers from the field of sexuality to meet with the interns (and volunteers can attend!). These provide either specific guidance and presentations or just talk about their experiences in the field and address concerns and questions people may have.


Volunteer Positions

Volunteers are part of a fabulous team of individuals who believe in social justice and the power of sexual freedom, knowledge, and hard work. Though there is definitely some grunt-work, volunteering is rewarding and varies depending on the needs of The CSPH and the skills/desires of the volunteers.

Permanent Volunteer Positions:

Research Volunteers:

If you are someone that loves finding information, digging for buried treasure in libraries, and scouring the Internet for valuable nuggets, this may be the position for you. Sometimes gathering the information is fairly easy and just involves going online for a few hours, but other times it requires more depth and skill. Currently, we have a few different projects in the works and would love people passionate about helping with them on the research and documentation end. While this is listed as a permanent position, it can be short in duration (read: a few weeks); it is listed as permanent because it is not just something a person can drop in to do on a random day.

Inventory Volunteers:

If you are type-A and highly organized, a lover of spreadsheets and maintaining databases, look no further than this position. The inventory volunteers will be responsible for helping us catalogue and organize our library (including zines, pamphlets, and magazines), create a “sex toy menu” that indexes all the products we have at The CSPH (and includes all relevant information, such as company, price- range, location, etc.), and organize and do data-entry for our question-cards. A low- stress set of tasks, this is perfect for those who wish to get involved but may not have extensive time to do so in a more intense fashion. This is a position less available for telecommuting, though special cases may arise, or if a few volunteers are working together on a project, someone off-site can be a collaborator.

Publications and Communications Volunteers:

Individuals with a love of words and language are excellent for this position, as it requires people whose strengths are copyediting, writing, and disseminating information. These volunteers will help review and edit CSPH materials, write pamphlets, send out the monthly newsletter, and write book/film reviews. There is also room for getting involved in writing articles for publication in peer-reviewed journals, which is especially important for folks hoping to go into academia! Like with the research volunteer position, this is listed as permanent, but it can be short in duration (read: a few weeks); it is listed as permanent because it is not just something a person can drop in to do on a random day.