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The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health welcomes individuals (college students and new professionals preferred) who aspire to enter into the field of sexuality to apply to be interns. The internship program is a great educational experience for anyone interested in sex education, event-planning, non-profit development, and/or connecting with an amazing, diverse community of sex-positive people from all walks of life.

There are various delineated intern positions, but many of the interns have to work closely together and there is an emphasis on teamwork and cross-pollination. The CSPH is a place for interns to employ skills that they already have while gaining more knowledge about the field of sexuality. Applicants should be confident and preferably have experience in doing the tasks that they are applying for so they can utilize their time learning about gender and sexuality and deepening their skills, not learning how to perform their tasks (e.g. if you are applying to be the Website Content and Management intern, comfort with working on a WordPress website and computers is expected and required).

We encourage individuals to bring new ideas to the table and to arrive with a strong interest in collaboration. If this sounds exciting to you, please fill out and submit the following application form by email along with a resume and two brief writing samples by 5pm on Wednesday, April 9th. We will confirm that we received your application as soon as we get it, and will contact you by 5pm on Monday, April 14th regarding an interview (interviews will take place April 16-19). If you do not hear from us by 6pm on Wednesday, April 9th to confirm that we received your application, or you do not hear from us by 5pm on April 14th regarding an interview, then you are welcome to contact us and inquire about your application status.

NOTE: You must be at least 18 years of age to intern at The CSPH.


Technical Requirements:

• Consistent Internet access

• A Gmail and Google+ account, or willingness to create them before the internship begins, and use them consistently

• Experience with Asana, or willingness to learn and use it consistently to keep track of what tasks you’re working on (visit here for a guide on how to use Asana)

• Experience with Google Calendar and Google Drive, or willingness to learn and use them consistently

• A Facebook account

Behavior/Performance Expectations:

• If you are applying to be a local intern (you live close enough to drive to The CSPH) you are expected to come in to the CSPH at least 3 times per week (for 5-hour shifts each time). Limited spots for distance interns may be available, but we will prioritize local individuals when making selections.

• Be comfortable around sexual content, books, media, and other materials

• Work individually and in a group (depending on tasks)

• Dress in appropriate attire (business casual, please) when at The CSPH or when representing the CSPH

• Show up for shifts and mandatory CSPH events on time (and give plenty of notice if there are issues). This is one of your most important tasks. Note: if there is a change in your shift, it is expected that you make up any missed days or hours the following week

• Complete assigned tasks in a timely manner

• Take initiative! We want motivated interns who really want to take advantage of this opportunity and all it can bring

• Communicate effectively, appropriately (verbally and in writing), and frequently with staff and other interns. This includes being conscious of the tone and language that you use, and showing respect for others’ personal lives/boundaries

• Be willing to help out with some unexpected projects that may arise

• Write a review for any toy you are given, which will be posted on The CSPH site

• Complete a Weekly Report on time (document that reports hours worked and other task and internship-related information) every Sunday by midnight

• Complete a mid-way self-evaluation as well as have a formal check-in with staff

• Complete an exit self-evaluation form at the end of the semester and schedule an Exit Interview with Staff to discuss the self-evaluation (if you want to extend your participation in the program, you will also have to fill out another short form as a re-application)

• Acknowledge and understand that your work load may potentially increase during the end of the internship (due to finishing up your tasks, school finals and projects, etc…), but that your commitment to your work/hours put in each week at The CSPH will not be affected or changed due to these outside factors

Trainings & Attendance at Mandatory Meetings:

*Full participation in a 2-day training is mandatory. Applicants that cannot attend both days in full will not be considered.*

• Intern Training:

Saturday, June 7. 10:00-6:00pm

Sunday, June 8. 10:00-6:00pm

• Shadow Director during at least 1 of her workshops and complete 1 Shadowing Evaluation form for this workshop (fill out in Google Drive within 1 week of the presentation). Any workshops attended beyond the first do not require an evaluation form and do not count towards weekly hours unless attendance has been deemed mandatory.

• Attend at least 1 professional speakers’ workshop or lecture and fill out a Professional Speaker Evaluation form within 1 week of the presentation.

Approximate Time Commitment:

• For the summer internship, the position requires a minimum of 20 hours a week (for local interns–at least three 5-hour shifts at the CSPH, plus 5 hours of work at home/off-site each week). For the Programming and Outreach interns, at-home and in-house hours are more flexible because some hours will have to be shifted to attending or facilitating CSPH-related events.


To apply, please fill out and submit the following application form by the deadline to along with a resume and two brief writing samples (preferably sexuality-related, if you can) as attachments in one email.


Personal / Background


Current Address: ________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________ State: ____________ Zip:________________

Phone: ____________________________ Email:______________________________________ Date of Birth:_______________

Permanent Address:_____________________________________________________________

Are you applying as a local or distance intern? (Local interns are able to come in to the CSPH 3x a week for shifts, distance interns live too far to come in for shifts each week at the CSPH):______________________________

Note: please choose based on what your schedule will definitely allow. If you apply as a local intern, we will only be considering you for a local intern position.

Academic Experience

College/University (if any): ________________________________________________

Major(s)/Concentration(s) : ________________________________________________

Dates of Attendance: _____________________________________________________

Date of Graduation (or expected date):_______________________________________

Extracurricular Activities:__________________________________________________



Offices, Honors, Awards: ______________________________________________________________________




Please rate how you feel about each of the following modes of communication (love, hate or don’t mind). Please also put a * next to the mode(s) that we should use if we need a response from you ASAP.

______________ Email

______________ Texting

______________ Phone call

Please answer the following questions on a separate sheet:

  • How did you hear about the internship program at the CSPH?

  • Please provide all days that you would be able to come in to the CSPH (shifts are Tuesday-Saturday from 12-5pm) and how many shifts you would be able to work per week. Note: you will not have to come in every day that you are available, but knowing your availability helps us create the shift schedule.

  • Why do you want to intern at the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health?

  • What do you wish to gain through this internship? What skills/knowledge do you want to develop?

  • What previous work/academic experience qualifies you for this internship?

  • What skills and perspectives can you contribute to the CSPH team?

  • What sexuality issue is most important to you and why?

  • Who are two people you admire in the sexuality field and why?

  • Please copy and paste links to your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) here so we can get a sense of your personality. Keep in mind that we are a sexuality organization so are not against material that is casual, personal or “NSFW”

  • Interviews will take place April 16th – 19th, though they will not be offered to all applicants. To expedite the process, please list your availability to interview during these 4 days.

  • Outside of this internship, what are your other summer plans & prospects?

By submitting this application, I certify that I am at least 18 years of age at the time of this application OR that, if selected for a position, I will be 18 by the start of the internship training. I also certify that I can make BOTH training days in full.