The CSPH in the Press

The following are recent articles featuring the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health in mainstream media.

The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health Awarded Non-Profit Status

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Megan Andelloux Featured on

Megan Andelloux's article on quickie sex was featured on! In our fast-paced, smartphone-focused, constantly buzzing world, great sex and chemistry can fall by the wayside. Sometimes it seems like nobody has time for anything but technology, work and working out, when, truth be told, if we all made a little extra time for sex, we’d be doing a great service to our mind and our … [Read more...]

The CSPH’s Sex Trivia Night Featured at!

The CSPH's Sex Trivia Night was mentioned in an article at! August 26, 2013: Ashley: It's 8:00am, and we are pulling out of the train station in Albany on the Megabus to New York City. This past week has been amazing. When we wrote last, we were wrapping up our week at the National Poetry Slam. After the slam, we stayed in Boston, but headed over to Cara's(who also writes … [Read more...]

The CSPH Featured at

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The CSPH's "All About Anal" video series was featured at! August 29, 2013: Did you know August is Anal Sex Month? Well, now you do, and it's not too late to celebrate!The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health (CSPH) has your back. Megan Andelloux, Certified Sex Educator and founder of the CSPH, answered the three most common questions in "All About Anal," a three part video … [Read more...]

CSPH Featured in Article on Adult Sex Ed Month


The CSPH was mentioned in an article in Toronto's Oye Times! June 20, 2013: Twitter: #adultsexedmonth. This hashtag, this movement, this interactive community of bloggers is the brainchild of @GoodDirtyWoman, creator of the web site "A Good Woman's Dirty Mind", further defined as "erotic stories, pleasures in photography, relationship ramblings, seductive soundtracks & seriously sexy … [Read more...]

Statewide Conference to Educate Rhode Island Professionals and Community Leaders on Youth, Sex, and Culture

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The CSPH was mentioned in The Cranston Herald! The Rhode Island HIV Prevention Coalition is sponsoring a statewide conference on May 31, 2013 to educate professionals and community leaders about the impact of culture on the sexual health of Rhode Island youth (defined as individuals 21 and under). Aida Manduley, Sexual Health Advocate from Sojourner House and staff-member at The Center for … [Read more...]

Aida Manduley Presents at UT Knoxville University Sex Week

aida at tennessee

The CSPH's Programming and Development Coordinator Aida Manduley presented at University of Tennessee's Sex Week! April 9, 2013: “How do we define virginity and how do we define sex?” These were the opening questions Aida Manduley asked in her lecture, “Concepts of Virginity”, given as a part of the University of Tennessee’s Sex Week on April 8 in the University Center Hermitage … [Read more...]

Megan Andelloux Teaches Students to View Sexuality Positively

csph at massa

The CSPH was mentioned in The Massachusetts Daily Collegian!   April 4, 2013: With the help of a vulva-shaped puppet named Veronica, Megan Andelloux, aka Oh Megan!, taught students about their anatomy and healthy sex choices during her Fornication 101 Workshop. The event, presented by Voices for Planned Parenthood, drew nearly 150 students to the Student Union Ballroom on March … [Read more...]

Sexual Health Rankings

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The CSPH has teamed up with Variance, LLC to produce Sexual Health Rankings, a comprehensive project that, for the first time in history, systematically analyzes and ranks the sexual health of all 50 states. The website for the study contains the findings, methods used, data collected, and more. Click here to go to the Sexual Health Rankings study website.   Other articles about the … [Read more...]

This Winter, Discover Sex and Revolution at Rhode Island’s Libraries


The CSPH was mentioned in the Providence Phoenix! December 5, 2012: If your curiosity still hasn't been satisfied, one option remains: the antique sex toy collection at your local branch library. Oh, wait, your library doesn't have one? In that case, you'd better head to the CENTER FOR SEXUAL PLEASURE AND HEALTH (250 Main Street, in Pawtucket. The CSPH is home to the … [Read more...]