Q&A: Coping With Sexual Shame


Each week, The CSPH answers questions asked on our site and through social media outlets like Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. This week’s question is: What are good ways to cope with sexual shame? Shame is an emotion associated with the feeling that an action or thought is improper, best avoided, or concealed.  When people do something they worry is shameful, they may feel subject to … [Read more...]

Toolbox Tuesday: Introducing the New Teaching Safer Sex!

Teaching Safer Sex

The Center for Family Life Education (CFLE) pleased to introduce the forthcoming third edition of Teaching Safer Sex! The original work by Peggy Brick and colleagues in 1989 transformed the way safer sex education was done, from an era of “t-cell” and “viral load” lectures to highly interactive, vibrant and engaging lessons that focused on developing the skills needed to practice safer … [Read more...]

Toolbox Tuesday: GLSEN Releases Groundbreaking Elementary School Research & Toolkit


A message from GLSEN: Dear Friends, Three weeks after my oldest child started kindergarten, she threw a tantrum because I said "no" about something or other, and yelled, "Mama, you are a SISSY!" She clearly had little sense of the word's meaning, but had learned in her brief elementary school career that this was one of the worst epithets she could hurl in anger. Today, GLSEN is proud to … [Read more...]

Know an Amazing Sex Educator? Give Them An Award!

Do you know of an amazing sexuality educator that works for Planned Parenthood? Nominate them for an APPLE Award! What about a sexuality educator who provides exceptional sexuality education that works outside of Planned Parenthood? Nominate them for a MARY LEE TATUM Award! Recognize your peers and mentors, give them the chance to get the recognition they deserve. The Association of … [Read more...]

Toolbox Tuesday: Role Playing Cards


These decks are a handy way to keep your kinky inspiration flowing, even in the middle of a scene! The verbal cues and handy phrases can be memorized or used as a starting point for ad-libbing in role. If you've ever had trouble thinking of “dirty” words or “nasty” names to use during your sexual playtime, then these cards will help keep those sexy thoughts rolling right off your tongue! For … [Read more...]

Toolbox Tuesday! Jim Jackson Male Anatomy Model


Tired of using a drawing to explain where the Prostate Gland is located?  Do you want your participants to feel the Vas Deferens if you are talking about how vasectomy's are performed?  Are you looking to show anatomy in a non-threatening manner? Jim Jackson to the rescue!  Jim has designed 3-d models of the sexual and reproductive organs for educators, medical providers, and sexologists to use … [Read more...]

Toolbox Tuesday: Pornography: Discussing Sexually Explicit Images


Porn, Porn, Porn.  It's the cause of much debate within the Sexological communities, the public and the government.  Most of the information disseminated into culture is how damaging sexually explicit images can be.  As sexuality professionals, we work to empower individuals, help people make healthy choices, normalize fears and anxieties and provide medically accurate information that is … [Read more...]

Toolbox Tuesday! Twister


Interested on teaching people about sexual positions?  Or rather, are people constantly asking you about positions?  It's a question often heard by sex educators: people want to be more creative while playing but seem to get stuck in the tried and true. Many sexologists gripe that people get so caught up in exactly "where" to put "what" that they lose sight of the real secret to positions: … [Read more...]

ToolBox Tuesday! The Wondrous Vulva Puppet


Sexual Educators, Counselors, Therapist and Medical Providers rejoice! Explaining the sexual anatomy of female born individuals can be challenging and many of the visual aids available can be too clinical for the average person.  But no longer!   Introducing the  Wondrous Vulva Puppet can be brought into many a workshop or office to lighten the mood while having anatomy conversations. Sex … [Read more...]